Illustrated Standards To Display

My school doesn’t require that the Common Core Standards be displayed in every classroom, but I think it is a good idea.  It helps me to focus on the purpose of my lessons and for students to see and understand what the objectives are for the day.

The hardest thing about displaying the Standards on the wall is making them.  There are a lot of standards and each one needs to be written in kid friendly language with images that help students understand the learning objective.

I started making these Illustrated Common Core Standards cards for teachers in the fall of 2012.   I’ve completed K-3.  Now, all you need to do is print them out, cut, laminate, and post them on your classroom wall.

K CCS Standards

Parts of a Flower

Flower Parts Labelling

Parts of A Flower

It’s Spring and time to begin your garden thematic units.  I’ve created a lot of worksheets and activities centered around the garden theme over the years, and I’m going to upload some of the activities to my blog for everybody to try out.

This first activity is a simple cut and paste activity for learning about the parts of a flower.  My students will plant bean and radish seeds in baby food jars and observe them as they grow.  Long before they begin to sprout, we will talk about the different parts of a flower (roots, stem, leaf, and flower petals).  We use this activity to label the parts of a flower, then they color it and save it inside their Garden Unit Folders.

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Easy Easter Bingo Freebie

Easter Bingo

Easy Easter Bingo

I’ve finished creating an easy Easter Bingo set that can be used with emergent readers.  The words are easy to read, and the pictures help out too.  Students (or teachers) cut out each picture word and paste it onto any square on the included game cards to create a unique card for each child.  It’s fun.  It’s great for developing fine motor and listening skills.

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Free Spring Counting Activities

Spring Counting

Spring Counting Worksheet

I can’t believe that spring is just about here.  There are so many fun classroom themes that can be used for springtime worksheets and activities.  Here is a simple counting activity that can be downloaded free for Kindergarten counting.  It is aligned with Common Core Standards for Kindergarten math: Counting and Cardinality Standard 5 (K.CC.5).

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Free Easter Bingo

Free Easter Bingo

I’ve finally finished an Easter Bingo game.  It was really hard to think up enough pictures to fill 24 squares, but I’m happy with the final product.  You can download a copy for free to use with your students by clicking the link below.  For those teachers who need a simpler Bingo set like my Kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day game, I’ll post one very soon.  Enjoy.

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Kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

Free Kindergarten Bingo

Free Bingo for Kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day

Although my 2nd and 3rd grade students are prefer Bingo on a 5×5 grid, I realize that many Kindergarten teachers need a simpler bingo set simply because of the cutting and pasting required by the larger bingo set.  Many Kindergarten students are capable of playing bingo on a 4×4 or even 5×5 grid, but the printable sets that I use and provide here for free require that the words for each square be cut out.

It is easy to use clip art to create bingo sets, so I’ve created and uploaded an easy 3×3 set for anybody who wants to use it with young 4 and 5 year old students.

Also, I plan to create a couple of free spring and Easter bingo sets later this week, so stay tuned!

Download Now – Kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

St. Patrick’s Day Punctuation Worksheet


Here’s another free worksheet that I’ve added to my store on  Many 1st and 2nd grade students need practice adding the correct end marks to their sentences.  Well, this is just a fun little St. Patrick’s Day practice page that I hope they’ll enjoy.  When students finish early, they can color the pictures on the sides.  I’ve also added labels to the three pictures to help them read big words in the sentences.

Download it now by clicking this link